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Fluence Bioengineering (previously trading under the name EML) is the American producer of very highly regarded SPYDRx LED grow lights. SPYDRx grow lights have multiple LED-bars along their width, allowing the light to be spread evenly across the culture surface and preventing the occurrence of hotspots. A huge additional advantage is that the SPYDRx LED grow lights can be hung very low over the plants while still maintaining a large range. Fluence’s unique PhysioSpec colour spectrum ensures healthy plants with maximum development potential. SPYDRx lights are known to be the absolute top in LED grow lights, effortlessly managing to take on HPS grow lights competitors. The internet is full of all kinds of comparison videos, where astounding results are being obtained with the SPYDRx LED grow lights. View the products below for more specific product information.

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Fluence VYPRx PLUS

Professional Indoor-applicationsAlthough the VYPRx PLUS basically seems similar to the VYPRx, the in..

€ 1,689.00

Fluence Ray 22

The Ray 22 by Fluence Bio-engineering (previously BML) is one of the three high quality LED-beams of..

€ 34.95

Fluence SPYDR 2x

The Fluency SPYDR 2x is the successful successor of the SPYDRx and (like its predecessor) intended f..

€ 999.00

Fluence SPYDR 2p

The Fluence SPYDR 2p is a very strong professional LED grow light, highly efficient in energy consum..

€ 1,499.00

Fluence SPYDR 2i

The Fluence SPYDR 2i is a professional LED grow light, highly efficient in energy consumption. Tha..

€ 1,598.00