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Coronavirus - LED Paradise

Posted by Polle 02/04/2020 0 Comment(s)

In this article we describe how LED Paradise operates during the Corona crisis.

The ongoing Corona crisis is causing the world numerous problems and terrible grief. First and before all, we want to wish you all well and we hope that you all follow the guidelines of your authorities in able to stay safe and healthy!


Current situation
In the current situation, a lot of our resellers are forced to shut their businesses down. As it appears in the current situation, LED Paradise will be able to stay open. This means that we can keep processing orders and ship our products to consumers and businesses across Europe. We are based in The Netherlands and our national guidelines allow us to keep our business open. At this moment, there is no reason to expect that to change. 

All of the parcell and transport companies in The Netherlands are still active. This means that we can keep sending out orders. We do not exaclty know per country in Europe specific what the possibilities and impossibilities are regarding sending, receiving and forwarding packages, but it is our understanding that most European countries still allow parcell deliveries. If you want to place an order but you are not sure about being able to receive it, please contact us and we will gladly sort it out with our transport partners. 


Stock levels
Since we are working with lots of different brands from all over the world, there is no general statement we can make about the availability of our products. Some of our suppliers are expereincing more troubles in delivering than others. If you are interested in a product and want to know the availability, please contact us.


As long as the crisis continues, we offer our resellers free dropship service. If you own a business and you want to resell our product, please contact us.


Again, please follow the guidelines of your authorities in able to stay safe and healthy!