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SolarSystem 275

SolarSystem 275
The SolarSystem 275 is a highly intelligent LED cultivation system by California Lightworks. The SolarSystem 275 can be entirely programmed using the SolarSystem Controller, which can be ordered separately. The Controller can easily be linked up with the SolarSystem 275 grow light by means of a telephone cable, which is delivered with the SolarSystem grow light. If you would like to add another SolarSystem grow light, this can be done using the same network, by connecting the second SolarSystem grow light to the first, using the enclosed telephone cable. In this manner, you can theoretically connect an infinite number of SolarSystem grow lights to the network, all of which would be controlled by one single controller. 

With its 3,2 kg, the SolarSystem 275 LED grow light is a lightweight device, but it is a heavyweight in terms of its light output. The SolarSystem 275 grow light uses 200 watts of electricity when running on full power. At this level of usage, the SolarSystem 275 grow light is powerful enough to replace a 400-watt HPS grow light. The SolarSystem 275 grow light is compact, yet has a broader reach than many other LED grow lights by other brands. You can find more information concerning its reach in the specifications further down this page. 

The LEDs in the SolarSystem 275 grow lights are subdivided into three colour groups, which can be set up independently from each other using the
SolarSystem Controller. This way, you can supply any plant with the light spectrum that is perfectly suited to its needs in the different phases of its life cycle. Plants require more blue light in their growing phase and more red in their blooming phase, for example. The SolarSystem Controller gives you the option of setting up a light plan per day or per week. The SolarSystem Controller has ample memory to save multiple months of unique settings, so it is even possible to set up a light plan for a plant’s entire lifecycle, ensuring the plant receives its optimal light spectrum in every stage of its life. In addition, it is also possible to increase or decrease the light intensity incrementally, thereby simulating the natural cycles of sunrise and sunset. 

SolarSystem 275 grow lights are developed and manufactured in California Lightworks’ factory in Canoga Park, California. The LEDs in the SolarSystem 275 grow lights are made by Osram and are the most powerful LEDs on the market. The lights are watertight and, therefore, they are not damaged by splashing water or in humid environments. The fans have a lifecycle of 50,000 hours and can easily be replaced. The LEDs themselves have a minimum of 50,000 burning hours. California Lightworks gives a 5-year manufacturer warranty on the SolarSystem 
cultivation lights. 

-    Power consumption: 200 Watt
-    Comparible with:  400 Watt HPS
-    Footprint Veg: 152x152 cm 
-    Footprint Bloom: 91x91cm 
-    Lifespan: + 50.000 hours
-    Weight: 3,2 kilogram
-    Dimensions: 21 x 21 x10 cm 
-    Warranty: 5 years

Technical specifications
Adjustable spectrum Yes
Cooling Active
Dimensions 21 x 21 x 10 cm
Dimmable Yes
HPS Equivalent 400 W
Lifespan 50.000 +
Minimum distance to the plant -
Power consumption 200 W
Spectrum Full Cycle
Warranty period 5 years
Weight 3,2 kg
Footprint (growth) 152 x 152 cm
Footprint (bloom) 91 x 91 cm

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