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Optic 4 COB 3000k&5000 LED

Optic 4 COB 3000k&5000 LED

De Optic 4 COB LED 3000&5000k has 4 CREE COBs. Two of these produce 3000 Kelvin light. The other two produce 5000 Kelvin light. The 64 x 5 Watt LEDs are of the Bridgelux/Epistar type, in the colours red, blue and white. When shining at full capacity, the light from these lamps looks like daylight to the naked eye, but specific adjustments to the spectrum ensure your plants will take on a much more robust form and yield more flowers or fruit than under normal white light. Furthermore, this LED grow light has the most easily configured lighting scheme, as well as two switches that allow you to fine-tune the spectrum even further, depending on your plants’ life stage.

Optic 4 COB LED 3000&5000k grow light comes with 5 years’ warranty, a built-in timer function and sturdy suspension materials. 

-    Power consumption: 415 watt
-    Comparable to: 600 watt HPS
-    Suspension height: at least 61 cm above the tops of your plants
-    Grow surface: 133 x 133 cm (growth), 121 x 121 cm (bloom)
-    Lifespan: over 50,000 hours
-    Weight: 6.5 kg
-    Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 7 cm 

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Technical specifications
Adjustable spectrum Yes
Cooling Active
Dimensions 38 x 38 x 7 cm
Dimmable Yes
HPS Equivalent 600 W
Lifespan 50.000 +
Minimum distance to the plant 61 cm
Power consumption 415 W
Spectrum Full Cycle
Warranty period 5 years
Weight 6,5 kg
Footprint (growth) 133 x 133 cm
Footprint (bloom) 121 x 121 cm

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