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The Optic 1 COB LED is basically a casing that houses a single CREE XLamp COB LED. Although this small device initially shows quite the resemblance to a supermarket security camera, it is actually a highly powerful LED grow light. The XLamp CXB3590 COB LED used is the most powerful member of the CXA family and delivers up to 30% more efficiency and up to 20% more lumen than the DOB LEDs of the previous generation. And that shows in the impressive size of the growing surface they can account for.

The spectrum of the Optic 1 VEG LED is concentrated in the blue range, making this LED grow light specific to the growth phase of the plant. Thanks to its small size, this LED grow light is ideal for use in a closet or small grow tent.

The Optic1 VEG COB LED grow light comes with an extra-long power cord that is attached directly to the power supply – without a switch – and can be easily hung anywhere thanks to a built-in hook. The cooling is passive.

-    Power consumption: 54 watt
-    Suspension height: at least 30 cm above the tops of your plants
-    Grow surface 91 x 91 cm (growth), 60 x 60 cm (bloom)
-    Lifespan: at least 50,000 hours

Please note:
Ledparadise first imports the Optic products you ordered before sending them to you. This prevents that customers in different countries pay different amounts for their Optic grow light due to changing import duties. Due to this method, the delivery time may increase. For more information about the Optic delivery times, call 0031 (0) 485 745348.

Technical specifications
Adjustable spectrum No
Cooling Passive
Dimmable No
HPS Equivalent 100 W
Lifespan 50.000 +
Minimum distance to the plant 30 cm
Power consumption 54 W
Spectrum Growth
Warranty period 8,5 years
Footprint (growth) 91 x 91 cm
Footprint (bloom) N/A

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