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Optic 2 COB LED

Optic 2 COB LED

The Optic 2 COB LED is an impressive LED grow light equipped with two 60 watt CREE CXA 2530 COB LEDs, plus 32 5 watt LED diodes in the red, blue and white range of the light spectrum. With these assets, the grow light shines on a growing surface of 91 x 121 cm (36 x 48 inches) at a suspension height of around 60 cm (24 inches). The lamp also has perhaps the most easily configured lighting scheme, plus two switches that can switch either the COBs or the diodes on and off. Both switches basically offer 3 settings that allow for the lamp to be switched from Full-cycle, through BLOOM, to Full-Spectrum. The optic 2 uses a modest 205 Watts, but produces an incredible light that equals that of a 400 watt HPS lamp. The light can be dimmed in 3 settings, and cooling is done using two fans. 

The optic 2 COB LED grow light comes with 5 years’ warranty, a built-in timer function and sturdy suspension materials. 

-    Power consumption: 205 watt
-    Comparable to: 400 watt HPS
-    Suspension height: at least 61 cm above the tops of your plants
-    Grow surface 120 x 120 cm (growth) 60 x 91 cm (bloom)
-    Lifespan: at least 50,000 hours
-    Weight: 3.5 kg
-    Dimensions: 35 x 21 x 7 cm

Please note:
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Technical specifications
Adjustable spectrum Yes
Cooling Active
Dimensions 35 x 21 x 7 cm
Dimmable No
HPS Equivalent 400 W
Lifespan 50.000 +
Minimum distance to the plant 61 cm
Power consumption 205 W
Spectrum Full Cycle
Warranty period 5 years
Weight 3,5 kg
Footprint (growth) 120 x 120 cm
Footprint (bloom) 60 x 91 cm

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