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Ursa Optilux 16

Ursa Optilux 16

The Optilux16 by Ursa is a slim, eye-catching LED grow-light with excellent qualifications. This LED grow-light is extremely efficient and, with its consumption of barely 640 watts, easily replaces a 1,200 watts HID-lamp. In other words, in the centre of the 122 x 122 cm growing area, the Optilux 16 produces an astonishing PPFD of 1500 umol/s/m², where the aforementioned 1,200 watts HID-lamp tops out at a mere 900 umol/s/m². All that light is generated by 16 powerful COB-LED’s. To prevent the light in the centre of the growing area from being much brighter than it is on the edges (which is almost always the case with LED grow-lights with a similar light distribution), the four central COB’s are fitted with lenses with a wider distribution angle than the other twelve. This way the excessive portion of the light in the centre is projected to the edges of the growing area, creating a very even light distribution over the entire growing area.

The Optilux 16 provides your plants with Full Spectrum, white light that runs quite far into the, invisible to the human eye, UV and IR ends of the spectrum. Under this lamp you can rest assured that your plants feel exceedingly comfortable from seedling through to harvest.

The Optilux 16 is made of the highest quality components in a deceptively simple design. The COB’s have a very low thermal resistance with excellent passive cooling and there is no excess of buttons and switches for adjusting the spectrum or dimming the light. Due to this simple setup, the lifespan and reliability of this lamp is significantly improved. The flat design and minimal heat generation make this LED grow-light very suitable for use in a growing tent or low-ceiling growing area.

Apart from the technical performance, this Optilux 16 LED grow-light is good looking. The casing is strong and robust, despite the slender design, and is made of durable stainless steel with a green powder-coating. An interesting component of the casing is the brightly mirroring bottom plate, which the COB’s are mounted in. The reflecting capacity of this bottom plate ensures that even the unfocused stray light is reflected onto the growing surface.

-    Power consumption: 638 Watt
-    Comparible with: 1200 watt HPS
-    Advised height: 60 cm
-    Footprint: 121 x 121 cm  
-    Lifespan: +50.000 hours
-    Weight: 14,5 kilogram
-    Dimensions: 58,5 x 58,5 x 12,7 cm
-    Warranty: 5 years

Technical specifications
Adjustable spectrum No
Cooling Passive
Dimensions 58,5 x 58,5 x 12,7 cm
Dimmable No
HPS Equivalent 1200 W
Lifespan 50.000 +
Minimum distance to the plant 60 cm
Power consumption 638 W
Spectrum Full Spectrum
Warranty period 5 years
Weight 14,5 kg
Footprint (bloom) 121 x 121 cm

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