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Ursa Lighting Technology is a subsidiary of Cofan, a California (USA) based business. Cofan is a large party in the environment-related temperature control and thermal solutions market. Their extensive expertise in that field is reflected in the products of Ursa Lighting Technology. Ursa’s LED-products have been developed with a view to environmental compatibility and durability. As such, principles like efficiency, energy saving, cost reduction, and maximum lifespan are leading in the development and production of Ursa’s LED grow-lights. Besides LED-lighting for horticulture, Ursa also develops lighting solutions for other uses, such as lighting for airports, steel factories, prisons, and military bases.

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Ursa Optilux 16 + dimmer

The Optilux16 by Ursa is a slim, eye-catching LED grow-light with excellent qualifications. This LED..

€ 1,999.00